Paula Patton Feels Like an Adult Without Robin Thicke

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Paula Patton is moving on. Soon-to-be-final ex-husband Robin Thicke may have hoped that he could win her back for a while. but as Meredith Vieira learned recently, Paula Patton is getting used to life without the "Blurred Lines" singer.

"You know I'm doing really well. It's been a long year and a lot of challenges but I've grown quite a bit and just getting used to change," Paula Patton told her host on the The Meredith Vieira Show.

Paul Patton did admit that "accepting the new reality" of life outside her marriage to Thicke is the toughest part.

"Absolutely it is and embrace it and just be thankful for everything I do have."

And one of those things that she has is her 4-year-old son Julian. She and Thicke share custody of their son.

Paula Patton's story is like that of many other people. She married Thicke at a young age.

"I live in a place of gratitude and growing up in many ways I think, I moved from my parents' house to moving in with Robin. And now I'm like becoming an adult at this old age. I'm really like a real woman now."

Right now, the number one thing in Paula Patton's life is her son. She admits that it is hard to leave him to "go to work" as an actress.

"I took a lot of time off to be with him and then I had to pack for a trip because I had to go to work and he said, 'Mommy I don't want you to go to work,'" she told Vieira. "It's the challenge of being a working mother and it's the first time he ever said that to me because I did work when he was a baby but now he is more aware of everything, so what are you going to do? It's sort of the trials and tribulations of being a woman. Right?"

"I cried," she said. "I called my mom and I cried and she said, ‘Darling, I had to work. We all hear that.''"

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