Paul Ryan Is Currently the Most Buzzed-About Candidate on Facebook

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You can say what you want about Paul Ryan's thoughts on entitlement reform, budgetary quirks, or politics in general - the point is that you're saying it. All of it.

Apparently, Facebook is buzzing about Mitt Romney's weekend running mate choice, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan.

According to the "Talk Meter," a product of a CNN & Facebook partnership, Rep. Ryan has topped President Obama to be the most talked-about politician in the 2012 race. He has a "talk meter" score of 5.21, which best Obama's score of 4.84. Current VP Joe Biden takes third with 4.01, and Mitt Romney trails the pack with a 3.74 score. Has Ryan brought the much-needed pizazz to Romney and his campaign?

CNN notes that "the talk meter calculates a jump in buzz, so Ryan's relative anonymity helped him jump up the talk meter scale."

But Ryan did add a lot of "like" as well, over 237,000 since Saturday's announcement. He has the most Facebook likes in Texas, Florida, California, North Carolina, and Wisconsin - and the average age of Facebook who "likes" Paul Ryan in 43. A whopping 63% of those "likes" are from males.

Ryan's new VP Facebook page popped up over the weekend, and that's the one taking off in terms of likes. Ryan still maintains a "Congressman Ryan" page, which is the one that contains the most interesting information about the candidate. For instance, he lists Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged as one of his favorite books, although he's publicly rejected the author's political philosophies as of late.

This "Talk Meter" assessment from CNN and Facebook is the first in a partnership announced last month. The two entities say that they will be measuring the electorate's "pulse" through the campaign cycle.

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