Pat Sajak Stirs Up Climate Change Trouble On Twitter

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Pat Sajak has been a familiar face to most of us for over 30 years, showing up in our living rooms every night on Wheel Of Fortune with his lovely sidekick Vanna. The game show host has been a beloved figure on television for years, but he's managed to stay out of a controversial light until recently, when he took to Twitter regarding a very touchy subject.

Sajak tweeted earlier this week about climate change, calling global warming proponents "unpatriotic racists". The post set off a firestorm of tweets from both fans and those opposed to his comments.

Sajak has been a longtime critic of global warming, even writing about it for the site Human Events in 2007.

After his tweet went viral and sparked a debate on Twitter, Sajak responded with another post:

Today, several posts went up on the social media site about the tweet, both in support and in criticism of Sajak.

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