Paris Hilton Tells Us Why She Doesn't Want To Date Celebrities Anymore

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Paris Hilton’s boyfriend list seems to be a who’s who of actors, athletes and businessmen. But it seems the heiress is starting to mellow down.

Ever since Hilton burst onto the scene in The Simple Life, she has been a favorite fodder of the tabloids and the paparazzi. Her every move was reported and people were treated to every detail of the socialite’s relationships with musicians Nick Carter and Benji Madden, as well as with shipping heirs Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos.

But the party-loving Paris seemed to have changed during her two year relationship with model River Viiperi, which ended last year.

Or at least, her priorities have changed.

The popular DJ has been rumored to have since moved on to much younger model Jordan Barrett. But it’s a report that she just laughed off, claiming that “he’s one of my closest friends.”

As a matter of fact, the TV personality seems to be enjoying her single blessedness for once and is not in a hurry to be in another relationship so soon.

“I've never been single in my life before, but now I am and I love it. I feel so independent and free," Hilton explained.

The once controversial star also added that since she’s traveling so much for work “it just makes it much easier if I can travel and not have to worry about someone in LA embarrassing me or doing something bad.”

But if Paris ever decides to dip her toe in the dating pool once more, she will stay away from celebrities. In an interview with Hello magazine, the 34-year-old socialite says that dating celebrities is “not my thing anymore because you can’t trust them.”

“I’d rather be with a normal, nice guy – someone with a big heart who’s loyal and smart, who makes me laugh and who is cute,” she said.

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