Paris Hilton Takes Legal Action Against Anti-Semitic Cyber-Stalker Sending Death Threats

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Paris Hilton and her father Rick Hilton took legal action recently to stop an an anti-Semitic man from cyber-stalking the family with death threats.

Hilton told Entertainment Tonight that she and her father, who are not Jewish, filed a police report because "the threats were getting out of control, getting more frequent and more intensive each time."

The man has been sending threatening emails that contained some very disturbing messages.

"I know ur Jew family gives nothing," wrote the cyber-stalker in one. In another, the man became very graphic, which understandably leaves the family very concerned.

"Invite [Paris] to the match so we can gang raper her ass hahahahahaha." he wrote, "I'll beat u and that bitch to unconscious."

Another message contained a blatant death threat.

"One month and she's dead, she's never coming home," read another message intended for Rick Hilton about his daughter.

"It's a frightening and scary experience for anyone and so we decided to take steps to protect our family," Hilton said. "Hopefully now the authorities are aware they can help put an end to this."

TMZ first broke the news about the cyber threats against the 33-year-old socialite and her father.

According to the site, the Los Angeles Police Department is currently conducting an investigation to try and locate the man. Apparently, authorities won't be be able to make an arrest until Instagram and Facebook threats are verified.

Pam Wright