Parents Not Talking To Their Children About Mobile Security [Infographic]

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"Jimmy, we need to have"

When we think of "the talk", we generally equate it with parents fumbling around, trying to talk to their kids about sex and pregnancy. However, NQ Mobile & NCSA are trying to raise awareness about another sort of talk, dealing with cell phone security.

56% of parents surveyed say they haven't talked to their children about protecting their privacy on a mobile phone.

If you would like to read the full report, you may do so here. If you want the more revealing statistics, keep reading. The survey included 1,158 consumers, 500 of those respondents had children under the age of 18, and here is what they found out about how talked to them concerning mobile security...

Parent/Child Mobile Security Infographic

"Too few parents are talking with their children about malware, hacking and other threats to mobile security and privacy," said NQ Mobile co-Chief Executive Officer Omar Khan. "That is no surprise, when many adults don't feel they know enough to protect themselves. Talking to your kids about how to protect the personal information on their phones, however, is every bit as necessary as having 'The Talk' about 'the birds and the bees.' Smartphones can provide a young person with independence and information. Used carelessly, they can also provide hackers, bullies and thieves with access to your child's personal information, expose them to theft, and even track their location. Parents need to learn more about threats like this, and the very real steps they can take to protect their whole family."

An interesting discovery found in the survey is that the more aware parents are of mobile security and privacy concerns, the more apt they are to talk to their children. While it's important to have discussions with children about how to protect themselves, the survey reminds of how informed we all need to be when protecting our privacy on mobile devices.