Panasonic GF5 Specs Leaked On Instagram

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The iOS-specific photo-sharing app Instagram is used for lots of things, but it's not usually in the news for being the outlet for a product leak. It appears that's just what has happened recently, however, as Hong Kong's face of Panasonic--model and spokesperson Angelababy--tweeted a picture of the company's newest camera months before its release.

The Panasonic Lumix GF5 is fairly close to the GF3--the most recent model--in appearance, but the specs are rumored to vary a bit; a 12MP sensor with “improved signal-to-noise ratio” (read: better low-light performance), a maximum ISO of 12,800, a 920k-dot touch screen and faster AF. The ISO sensitivity range of the GF3 starts at 160 as opposed to 100 in the previous model, the GF2.

The reason the latest model is called the GF5 and not the GF4 is because the number four sounds like the word "death" in Japanese, and it is considered to be unlucky.

Although Angelababy has already taken down the post from her Twitter account, the leak has spread like wildfire around the web and is garnering quite a bit of attention from shutterbugs, who are all speculating on the tech specs of the product.

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