Pacquiao Vs. Bradley: Twitter Reacts

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In the sports world, nothing quite gets a crowd riled up like a good boxing match, especially when the fight has been advertised and built up for weeks beforehand, with one opponent boasting about his certain win. The Pacquiao/Bradley match was just that, and fans are buzzing today about the outcome.

The fight, which took place within the dazzling, glittering world of Las Vegas, drew a packed arena which included celebrities like Mike Tyson, "True Blood" actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, and Mark Wahlberg. For those rooting for underdog Timothy Bradley, the night was fairly electric with anticipation, especially when Bradley started off strong and then backed off, giving Pacquiao a chance to dart in and use some of that pent-up energy to his advantage. For the most part, it seemed Bradley was continually leaving himself open, receiving harsh blows every time he tried to avoid Pacquiao's gloves and flinching every time the Pacman feigned a shot. It looked like Pacquiao had the fight in the bag.

In the end, though, Bradley's bravado must have caught up with him, because he landed a lucky hit to Pacquiao's jaw in the final minute of the match, earning him a win and taking away Pacquiao's 7-year winning streak. Now, Pacquiao's fans are looking forward to some retribution in November, when Bradley has challenged him to a rematch. There's also quite a bit of talk about what really happened on those scorecards, since everyone watching was sure Pacquiao had the match clenched.

Twitter users blew up their feeds last night and this morning after the fight.

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