Pacquiao On Obama: "God's Words First"

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Famed Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao--who is also a congressman in the Philippines--has had a strong reaction to Obama's recent announcement that he supports same-sex marriage.

During an interview last week with the National Conservative Examiner, Pacquiao said, "God's words first ... obey God's law first before considering the laws of man."

Pacquiao apparently sees the president's campaign to rally the LGBT community as an attack on Christian morals and values and is urging everyone--the president included--to go back to the bible for guidance on the matter. He says same-sex marriage is an abomination and should be stopped at the highest level of the government.

"God only expects man and woman to be together and to be legally married, only if they so are in love with each other," the boxer said.

The media attention Obama has garnered with the announcement isn't sitting well with some conservatives, especially after an edition of Newsweek was released showing the president with a rainbow halo over his head with the headline, "The First Gay President'.


The president has had his share of supporters, however, and possibly even more so now that he has formally announced his support of the gay community. Andrew Sullivan, who is openly gay, wrote the Newsweek story and had this to say on his blog:

“Let me simply say: I think of all the gay kids out there who now know they have their president on their side. I think of Maurice Sendak, who just died, whose decades-long relationship was never given the respect it deserved. I think of the centuries and decades in which gay people found it impossible to believe that marriage and inclusion in their own families was possible for them, so crushed were they by the weight of social and religious pressure. I think of all those in the plague years shut out of hospital rooms, thrown out of apartments, written out of wills, treated like human garbage because they loved another human being. I think of Frank Kameny. I think of the gay parents who now feel their president is behind their sacrifices and their love for their children.”

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