Other Wife Found on Facebook: Bigamist Caught by Social Media

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Keeping a double life organized must be hard enough without the intrusion of social media. One man learned the hard way this week that Facebook only allows users to link their relationship status to one person at a time.

According to an Associated Press report, a corrections officer in Seattle was outed as a bigamist after one of his wives found him on Facebook. The man, Alan O'Neill, is now facing bigamy charges.

The court documents show that O'Neill married one woman in 2001. He then left his wife, changed his name, and remarried in 2009. O'Neill's first wife found out about his second wife through a "People You May Know" suggestion on the Facebook sidebar. She and O'Neill, though separated, had not been divorced.

According to the AP, O'Neill has been placed on administrative leave and is awaiting a court hearing for bigamy charges later this month.

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