Oscars 2014: Pizza Guy Steals Show, Gets Hefty Tip

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On Sunday night at the 86th Academy Awards, Ellen Degeneres delivered some memorable moments as host. First came the celebrity-packed selfie that vowed to break Twitter records, then came the promise of ordering pizza for the celebrities. Both events came to fruition.

Edgar, the mysterious pizza guy from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria in Hollywood, delivered the five specialty extra large pizzas but never expected to be pulled in front millions of TV viewers.

"No idea," he said.

Ellen announced from the stage,"Guess what? Pizza's here!" She then told the red-aproned Edgar, "I lied. We weren't going backstage" and led him to the seats.

Brad Pitt passed out plates and napkins. Kevin Spacey took a pizza to hand out slices to those in the "cheaper" seats. Meryl Streep chowed down, despite the fact that she was wearing a white dress. Julia Roberts shouted that she wanted cheese.

But when it came time for the tip, Sandra Bullock didn't have any money on her so Ellen called on others.

"Where's Harvey Weinstein?" Ellen asked the crowd and, upon locating him, reminded him that there was "only a billion people watching" so give "whatever you think is right" for a tip.

Ellen passed singer Pharrell's hat and collected several hundred dollars from the celebrities, but TMZ reported earlier that Edgar hadn't received his tip.

Then, this afternoon, Edgar, a Moscow native, appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about his surprise visit to the Oscars. According to Popwatch, he thought he was going to deliver pizza to some writers last night. Imagine his surprise.

"They just told me, just wait here...and you came out," he told Ellen in the interview.

The co-owner of Big Mama's and Papa's said the highlight of his night was serving pizza to his dream lady, Julia Roberts.

At the end of the interview, Ellen pulled out Pharrell's hat filled with $600 cash. On top of that, Ellen added $400 from her pocket. "So you have a total of a thousand dollar tip," she said, then declared pizza for everyone in her studio audience.

Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria is a Los Angeles chain with 20 locations. It bills itself as the "Home of the World's Largest Pizza," a 2,916 square inch pie. According to ABC News, this isn't the first time Ellen has had contact with the local pizza franchise.

“Ellen’s talk show has picked up quite a few pizzas from us,” a Big Mama’s & Papa’s staff member said. ”They had us make a giant pizza before for one of her shows.”

Here's to you, Edgar the pizza guy!

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