Oscar Pistorius: Witness Heard Shots And Screams

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Yet another witness has come forward in the Oscar Pistorius case to declare that she distinctly remembers gunfire and a woman's screams.

Anette Stipp, a neighbor of Pistorius, testified that on the morning of Reeva Steenkamp's murder she heard a gun shot, a woman's screams, and then three more shots.

Pistorius has maintained as part of his defense that he fired through his bathroom door at Steenkamp because he mistook her for an intruder. He says that her death was entirely accidental.

The prosecution has not bought Pistorius's version of events from the onset. Throughout the case, prosecutors have sought to demonstrate Pistorius's obsession with guns, his reckless behavior around weapons, and his hair-trigger temper.

The witness testimony of those called by prosecutors paints a picture of a man who knowingly gunned down his then girlfriend in cold blood, their words severely undermining any notion that Steenkamp's death was unintentional.

The angles aggressively taken by Pistorius's attorneys to counter these efforts has been to suggest incompetence by law enforcement in how evidence was handled and to try and dictate to witnesses what they really heard on the morning of the murder.

Kenny Oldwadge, one of Pistorius's lawyers, had tried to get Stipp to admit that what she actually heard could have been Pistorius crying and not the screams of his girlfriend.

The defense also tried to insist that what Stipp heard at the time of Steenkamp's death was the sound of Pistorius's cricket bat hitting the bathroom door rather than gunshots.

"It was not crying," Stipp countered, "It was screaming, high pitched screaming. It's not just the pitch; [the] whole voice was definitely female." She also maintained that she was sure she'd heard gunfire both before and after the screams of a woman.

Pistorius's defense has been trying to assert that he was the one screaming or crying that morning because he was afraid for his life.

However Stipp and previous witness testimony mentioned hearing a woman's screams and gunfire.

The corroboration is damning, making it especially difficult for the defense to successfully paint the Olympic athlete as a terrified and helpless disabled man.

The prosecution in the Oscar Pistorius case is set to rest. The trial is anticipated to continue for another week before Judge Thokozile Masipa makes her decision as to whether or not Pistorius will be headed to jail.

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