Orange Is The New Black Season 2's First Scene [VIDEO]

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Last week Netflix unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming season of their hit original Orange Is The New Black, and today Entertainment Weekly has a look at the very first scene of season two.

The last time we saw Piper, she was beating the hell out of someone–and as season two opens, it appears that she's paying for her transgressions. Check it out:

Things don't appear to be going too well.

According to EW, this could be a theme for the new season.

Apparently, season two is going to be a bit darker, as show creator Jenji Kohan says that the show "needed a little more drama."

The wait isn't almost over by any means, but we are inching closer. Orange Is The New Black Season 2 hits Netflix, in its entirety, on June 6th.

Image via OITNB, Instagram

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