'Orange Is The New Black' Season 2 Reportedly Won't Focus On Piper As Much

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As Netflix's Orange is the New Black: Season 2 continues production, cast and crew continue to give interviews and tease fans about what they can expect from the next installment of the popular series.

We've heard that Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, will only be back for one episode, so obviously there has to be a major shift in plot, considering that she was one of the main characters in the first season. Star Taylor Schilling has said that the coming season will be more compelling, because the writing is better.

TV Guide spoke with creator Jenji Kohan and some of the cast, and got a few more interesting nuggets out of them.

Kohan wouldn't say whether or not the season jumps ahead in time or picks up right at the end of the first one, but she did reportedly indicate that the second season won't focus as much on the Piper character as the first one did, but will rather divide the story more evenly among its many characters.

Interestingly, she even gave a hint about Season 3, saying that if the show does indeed return for a third season (which seems pretty likely considering Netflix renewed it for a second one even before the first one debuted to tremendous critical acclaim and fan buzz), there will be more focus on the guards and their stories.

Cast member Kate Mulgrew reportedly said that Season 2 will have more about the histories of Poussé and Black Cindy. They have indeed been popping up in the set photos being posted to Instagram. There will also be more about Red's backstory. From TV Guide:

However, she adds that we will be seeing more of Red's backstory and what exactly landed her in prison. "I just know that they weren't putting candy bars in my deep freeze, if you know what I mean," Mulgrew says. She also explains that whatever went down between Red and the Russians has something to do with the reason we haven't seen her husband at visiting hours yet (but thankfully it's nothing too dark). "Well, the Russians weren't happy, but my husband is alive. Don't worry," Mulgrew assures.

Taryn Manning reportedly indicated that there might be hope for Piper and Pennsatucky to reconcile, but that's still up in the air. She did recently reveal what she said is a "ginormous" plot point of the second season, which is about Healy giving Pennsatucky the green light to kill Piper.

Take a look at some recent pics from the set of Season 2 here.

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