Ookla, Maker of Speedtest, Acquires RootMetrics

Ookla, the make of the popular Speedtest app and service, has acquired RootMetrics....
Ookla, Maker of Speedtest, Acquires RootMetrics
Written by Matt Milano
  • Ookla, the make of the popular Speedtest app and service, has acquired RootMetrics.

    RootMetrics and Ookla are on two different ends of the network performance monitoring spectrum. While Ookla uses crowdsourced data, thanks to its popular app, RootMetrics relies on more traditional, controlled driving and walking tests of wireless provider coverage.

    Ookla has acquired RootMetrics, combining the two companies and bringing their respective network analysis paradigms under one roof.

    “Ookla plus RootMetrics fully enables the network assessment trifecta of crowd measurement, controlled testing and consumer perception—with a sustainable business model that should thrive through the privacy revolution,” says Ookla CEO and co-founder Doug Suttles.

    “Becoming part of Ookla completes the vision that Doug and I shared when we first met years ago,” says RootMetrics CEO Kevin Hasley. “With our combined experience and expertise we can better help our customers overcome challenges, optimize their networks and create opportunities. I am very excited to see our joint future unfold.”

    The combination of the two companies will hopefully help provide more transparency in network analysis. It’s no secret that T-Mobile touts Ookla’s network measurements, while Verizon prefers RootMetrics. The combined companies should help provide a more standardized method of testing wireless carrier performance.

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