Online Empires Rise and Fall [Infographic]

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This next infographic comes to us from CenturyLinkQuote.Com and it addresses the issue of the trendy nature of online empires. They layout some very interesting statistics on how long they usually stay in fashion and events that lead to or signify their downfall. It's informative, revealing, and possibly a great predictor of future success, and/or failure.

The graphic reports a startling eleven year average shelf life for the online empires involved and calls into question the numbered days left for Facebook in particular. It has been eight years since the social networking giant its popular site, and whether it shows signs of slowing down or not, past experience might prove to be more valid for prediction the future.

Does Facebook have what it takes to persevere where others have failed? Some think it does, but you can predict what path you believe it will take after studying this next infographic. Enjoy:

the rise and fall of online empires

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