One Last, Brief Look At The Web Of 2011

I’m not going to rehash the entire year of events and web happenings. That would be a massive book, and there is just simply too much to recount. I’m not even going to focus on major events so muc...
One Last, Brief Look At The Web Of 2011
Written by Chris Crum
  • I’m not going to rehash the entire year of events and web happenings. That would be a massive book, and there is just simply too much to recount. I’m not even going to focus on major events so much, but there have been so many year-end round-ups that I feel they yield their own round-up of sorts, allowing us to take a quick glimpse of the year that’s now behind us. Happy New Year.

    What was the most memorable part of 2011 to you? Let us know in the comments.

    According to Nielsen, the top web brands in 2011 (in the U.S.) were:

    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. Yahoo
    4. MSN/WindowsLive/Bing
    5. YouTube
    6. Microsoft
    7. AOL Media Network
    8. Wikipedia
    9. Apple
    10. Ask

    For social networks and blogs (again, in the U.S.) the list was:

    1. Facebook
    2. Blogger
    3. Twitter
    4. WordPress
    5. MySpace
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Tumblr
    8. Google+
    9. Yahoo Pulse
    10. Six Apart TypePad

    The Top online destinations for video (in the U.S.) were:

    1. YouTube
    2. VEVO
    3. Facebook
    4. Yahoo
    5. MSN/WindowsLive/Bing
    6. AOL Media Network
    7. Hulu
    8. The CollegeHumor Network
    9. CNN Digital Network
    10. Netflix


    Twitter’s most tweeted events (in terms of tweets per second):

    6,939 – JAN 1 – New Years
    4,064 – FEB 6 – Super Bowl
    5,530 – MAR 11 – Japanese earthquake and tsunami
    3,966 – APR 29 – UK Royal Wedding
    5,106 – MAY 2 – Raid on Osama bin Laden
    6,303 – MAY 28 – UEFA Champions League
    5,531 – JUN 13- NBA Finals
    6,436 – JUN 27 – BET Awards
    4,995 – JUL 11 – Home Run Derby
    7,166 – JUL 17 – Brazil eliminated from the Copa America
    7,196 – JUL 17 – End of FIFA Women’s World Cup
    5,449 – AUG 23 – East Coast earthquake
    7,064 – AUG 25 – Steve Jobs resigns
    8,868 – AUG 28 – MTV Video Music Awards
    7,671 – SEP 20 – Troy Davis executed
    6,049 – OCT 6 – Steve Jobs passes away

    The top hashtags of the year were:

    1. #egypt
    2. #tigerblood
    3. #threewordstoliveby
    4. #idontunderstandwhy
    5. #japan
    6. #improudtosay
    7. #superbowl
    8. #jan25

    The top topics were broken down by category:


    1. Pretty Little Liars
    2. Two and a Half Men
    3. The Craigslist Killer
    4. Golden Globe Awards
    5. People’s Choice Awards


    1. Thor
    2. The Dark Knight Rises
    3. X-Men: First Class
    4. Fast Five
    5. Green Hornet


    1. Rebecca Black and Friday
    2. Nate Dogg
    4. Gerry Rafferty
    5. Gil Scott-Heron


    1. Elizabeth Taylor
    2. Mila Kunis
    3. Anne Hathaway
    4. Raven Symone
    5. Natalie Portman
    6. Elisabeth Sladen
    7. Jennifer Lopez
    8. Nina Dobrev
    9. Emma Watson
    10. Fernanda Vasconcellos


    1. Charlie Sheen
    2. Macaulay Culkin
    3. Ryan Dunn
    4. Ricky Gervais
    5. Pete Postlethwaite
    6. Tracy Morgan
    7. Jake Gyllenhaal
    8. Ashton Kutcher
    9. Colin Firth
    10. James Franco


    1. Wayne Rooney
    2. Fernando Torres
    3. Howard Webb
    4. Wembley Stadium
    5. Colo Colo


    1. Dallas
    2. Green & Yellow
    3. Superbowl MMXI
    4. Jim Harbaugh
    5. Pittsburgh Steelers


    1. Rashard Lewis
    2. Ray Allen
    3. Derrick Rose
    4. Jason Terry
    5. Dallas Mavericks


    1. Texas Rangers
    2. Bert Blyleven
    3. Roberto Alomar
    4. Vernon Wells
    5. Justin Verlander

    Food and drink:

    1. McLobster
    2. Fried Kool-Aid
    3. Starbucks Trenta
    4. Devassa Beer
    5. Guinness
    6. BBQ
    7. Mac & Cheese

    World News

    1. Mubarak’s resignation
    2. Raid on Osama bin Laden
    3. Japanese earthquake and Fukushima nuclear disaster
    4. Shooting of Gabrielle Giffords
    5. Gaddafi’s death
    6. Swine Flu outbreak
    7. WoW Gold Guide

    Cities and countries:

    1. Cairo
    2. Egypt
    3. Japan
    4. Libya
    5. Tokyo
    6. Dallas
    7. Vancouver
    8. Hawaii
    9. Joplin
    10. Austin


    1. Mac App Store
    2. Sony NGP
    3. Guitar Hero
    4. Mozilla Firefox
    5. Duke Nukem Forever
    6. iPad
    7. iPhone
    8. Nintendo 3DS
    9. Mortal Kombat
    10. iPod


    Facebook’s top games:

    Gardens of Time (Playdom)
    The Sims Social (EA)
    Cityville (Zynga)
    DoubleDown Casino (DoubleDown Interactive)
    Indiana Jones Adventure World (Zynga)
    Words With Friends (Zynga)
    Bingo Blitz (Buffalo Studios)
    Empires & Allies (Zynga)
    Slotomania-Slot Machines (Playtika)
    Diamond Dash (wooga)

    Facebook also shared the following topic lists for 2011:

    US Top 10 status trends

    1. lms (like my status)
    2. tbh (to be honest)
    3. Death of Osama bin Laden
    4. Charlie Sheen
    5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    6. Casey Anthony found not guilty
    7. Packers win the Super Bowl
    8. Hurricane Irene
    9. Insidious (movie)
    10. Death of Amy Winehouse

    Fastest growing areas of interest on Facebook globally:


    Actors and TV Personalities

    1. Megan Fox
    2. Vin Diesel
    3. Adam Sandler
    4. Selena Gomez
    5. Will Smith
    6. Taylor Lautner
    7. Jackie Chan
    8. Ashley Tisdale
    9. DJ Pauly D
    10. Kim Kardashian


    1. Harry Potter
    2. The Twilight Saga
    3. Toy Story
    4. Avatar
    5. Jackass
    6. Shrek
    7. Saw
    8. Pirates of the Caribbean
    9. Fast &Furious
    10. Titanic

    TV Shows

    1. House
    2. Two and a Half Men
    3. The Simpsons
    4. Family Guy
    5. South Park
    6. Grey’s Anatomy
    7. SpongeBob SquarePants
    8. CSI: Miami
    9. iCarly
    10. The Big Bang Theory

    Fictional Characters

    1. Dr. House
    2. Dory
    3. Patrick Star
    4. Mr. Bean
    5. Upin & Ipin
    6. Bob Esponja
    7. Mario
    8. Doraemon
    9. Ari Gold
    10. Sue Sylvester (GLEE)



    1. Rihanna
    2. Bob Marley
    3. Avril Lavigne
    4. David Guetta
    5. Enrique Iglesias
    6. Usher
    7. Lady Gaga
    8. Metallica
    9. Green Day
    10. Black Eyed Peas

    Most Listened To Songs

    1. We Found Love – Rihanna and Calvin Harris
    2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) – Katy Perry
    3. Sexy And I Know It – LMFAO
    4. Titanium – David Guetta and Sia
    5. First of the Year – Skrillex
    6. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex
    7. Without You – David Guetta and Usher
    8. Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine
    9. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People
    10. Someone Like You – Adele



    1. Leo Messi
    2. Cristiano Ronaldo
    3. John Cena
    4. Ricardo Kaka
    5. David Beckham
    6. Michael Jordan
    7. Sachin Tendulkar
    8. Andres Iniesta
    9. Kobe Bryant
    10. Cesc Fàbregas

    Sports Teams

    1. FC Barcelona
    2. Real Madrid C.F.
    3. Manchester United
    4. LA Lakers
    5. Chelsea Football Club
    6. Liverpool FC
    7. A.C. Milan
    8. Arsenal
    9. Galatasaray
    10. Fenerbahce


    News Outlets

    1. CNN
    2. Fox News
    3. NPR
    4. The Onion
    5. The New York Times
    6. Al Jazeera Channel
    7. Yahoo! News
    8. The Times of India
    9. BBC World News
    10. PBS

    Most Shared Articles

    Satellite Photos of Japan, Before and After the Quake and Tsunami (New York Times)
    What teachers really want to tell parents (CNN)
    No, your zodiac sign hasn’t changed (CNN)
    Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps (CNN)
    (video) – Father Daughter Dance Medley (Yahoo)
    At funeral, dog mourns the death of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan (Yahoo)
    You’ll freak when you see the new Facebook (CNN)
    Dog in Japan stays by the side of ailing friend in the rubble (Yahoo)
    Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines (Yahoo)
    New Zodiac Sign Dates: Ophiuchus The 13th Sign? (The Huffington Post)

    Frugal Dad put out this infographic comparing the year in review through the eyes of Twitter, Facebook and Twitter.


    Top topics from StumbleUpon’s explore box:

    1. love
    2. funny
    3. tattoo
    4. games
    5. diy
    6. wedding
    7. harry potter
    8. hair
    9. recipes
    10. food

    More from StumbleUpon’s year-in-review here.


    Pingdom ranked the top blogging services in terms of downtime:

    1. Blogger
    2. WordPress
    3. Typepad
    4. Posterous
    5. Tumblr


    Most popular videos of the year:

    1. Rebecca Black – Friday
    2. Ultimate Dog Tease
    3. Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)
    4. Talking Twin Babies (pt. 2)
    5. Nyan Cat
    6. Look at me now – cover by @KarminMusic
    7. The Creep (feat. Nicki Minaj & John Waters)
    8. Maria Aragon – Born this way cover
    9. The Force – Volkswagen commercial
    10. Cat mom hugs her baby kitten

    Most viewed videos from major record labels:

    Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull
    LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock
    Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song [Official Video]
    Nicki Minaj – Super Bass
    Pitbull – Give Me Everything ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer
    Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony
    Jessie J – Price Tag ft. B.o.B.
    LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It
    Katy Perry – E.T. ft. Kanye West
    Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

    Most viewed food videos on YouTube:

    1. TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving – Epic Meal Time
    2. Epic Mealtime Showdown of Awesome
    3. Make gummy candy at home
    4. Healthy Meal Time!
    5. Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 1 Pad Thai

    Top Ads on YouTube:

    1. VW – The Force
    2. T-Mobile – Royal Wedding
    3. Chrysler – Imported From Detroit
    4. DC Shoes – Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial
    5. smartwater – Jennifer Aniston goes viral
    6. Team Hot Wheels – The Yellow Driver’s World Record Jump
    7. Old Spice – Scent Vacation
    8. Apple – Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S
    9. Samsung – Unleash Your Fingers
    10. adidas – D Rose: adiZero Rose 2 The Bull


    Spotify’s top 100 songs for the U.S. included: Foster the People, Gym Class Heroes, Adele, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex, Pitbull, LMFAO, Drake, David Gueta, Flo Rida, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Lil Wayne, Cobra Starship, Katy Perry, Jason Derulo, Beyonce, Britney Spears, The Band Perry, Hot Chelle Rae, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg, Bad Meets Evil, Bruno Mars, OneRepublic, Swedish House Mafia, Lupe Fiasco, AWOLNATION, Kanye West, Bon Iver, Alexandra Stan, Selena Gomez & The Scene, Gavin DeGraw, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, Florence & The Machine, MGMT and more.

    Check out their review site for full lists by country.



    Artist of the Year: Adele
    Album of the Year: Wasting Light, Foo Fighters
    Song of the Year: Pumped Up Kicks, Foster the People
    Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Nicki Minaj

    Top Sellers (Songs):

    Rolling in the Deep, Adele
    Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO
    Firework, Katy Perry
    Grenade, Bruno Mars
    Forget You, Cee Lo Green
    Give Me Everything, Pitbull
    E.T., Katy Perry
    Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5
    Pumped Up Kicks, Foster The People
    Super Bass, Nicki Minaj

    Top Sellers (Albums):

    21, Adele
    Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons
    Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne
    Watch The Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West
    Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay
    Born This Way, Lady Gaga
    Loud, Rihanna
    Take Care, Drake
    Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
    Doo-Waps & Hooligans, Bruno Mars


    Best Blockbuster: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2
    Best Comedy: Bridesmaids
    Best Indie: Midnight in Paris
    Best Romance: Beginners

    Top Sellers (Sales + Rentals):

    The Social Network
    No Strings Attached
    Just Go With It
    The Lincoln Lawyer
    Source Code
    The King’s Speech

    TV Shows:

    Best Half Hour: Modern Family
    Best Drama: Breaking Bad (duh)
    Best Discovery: Masterpiece: Downton Abbey
    Best Breakout Comedy: Parks and Recreation

    Top Sellers (episodes):

    What Lies Ahead, The Walking Dead
    Original Song, Glee
    Box Cutter, Breaking Bad
    Out, Sons of Anarchy
    The Kids Are Not Alright, Gossip Girl

    Top Sellers (seasons):

    Doctor Who
    Modern Family
    Breaking Bad
    True Blood


    App of the Year: Instagram
    Game of the Year: Tiny Tower

    Top Paid Apps:

    Angry Birds
    Fruit Ninja
    Angry Birds Seasons
    Cut The Rope
    Tiny Wings
    Angry Birds Rio
    Words With Friends
    Doodle Jump
    Plants vs. Zombies

    Top Free Apps:

    Word With Friends Free
    Angry Birds Free
    Angry Birds Rio Free
    Fruit Ninja Lite


    Best Novel: The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht
    Best Nonfiction: Boomerang by Michael Lewis
    Best Teen Novel: Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys

    Top Sellers (Fiction):

    The Help
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    A Game of Thrones
    Water for Elephants
    The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest
    The Litigators
    Now You See Her
    The Paris Wife
    Breaking Dawn
    Something Borrowed

    Top Sellers (Nonfiction):

    Steve Jobs
    Heaven Is For Real
    A Stolen Life
    Shit My Dad Says
    Bossypants (enhanced edition)
    In The Garden Of Beasts
    SEAL Team Six
    Killing Lincoln


    According to

    – Most Played By individual gamers – Skyrim
    – Most Played Shooter: Modern Warfare 3
    – Most Played RPG: Skyrim
    – Most Played Open World (Non-RPG): Batman: Arkham City
    – Most Played Sports Game: FIFA Soccer 12
    – Most Played Social Game: The Sims Social
    – Most Played New IP: L.A. Noire
    – Most Successful Paid-to-F2P Game: DC Universe Online

    The Year in Gaming in Under 2 Minutes video featured the following games:

    Battlefield 3
    Deus Ex Human Revolution
    Assassins Creed: Revelations
    The Witcher 2
    Uncharted 3
    Dark Souls
    Gears of War 3
    Saints Row: The Third
    Portal 2
    Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    From Dust
    Yakuza 4
    Dirt 3
    L.A. Noire
    Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
    Rayman Origins
    Shadows of the Damned
    Child of Eden
    Dragon Age 2
    Infamous 2
    Alice: Madness Returns
    Batman Arkham City
    Resistance 3
    Driver: San Francisco
    Dead Space 2
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    Fear 3


    According to StatCounter, Symbian was the top mobile OS of the year.

    It was also a good year for free apps (in terms of bringing in the money).


    eBay’s top shopped list of the year:

    Harry Potter
    Call of Duty
    Green Bay Packers
    Justin bieber
    Charlie Sheen


    Amazon’s best-selling products of 2011:

    Electronics: Kindle Fire
    Toys: Rory’s Story Cubes
    Video Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    Sports & Outdoors: Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
    Home & Kitchen: Cuisinart SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender
    Books: “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
    Kindle Books: “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett
    CD: “21″ by Adele
    Amazon MP3: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
    DVD: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1″
    Amazon Instant Video: “The Help”
    Watches: Timex T5J151 1440 Sports Digital Watch
    Jewelry: Designer Inspired Silver Heart Charm Toggle Bracelet
    Clothing: Levi’s Men’s 501 Jean
    Shoes: Crocs Classic Clog
    Beauty: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
    Health & Personal Care: Philips 7310 Norelco Men’s Shaving System
    Tools & Home Improvement: Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme 300-Lumen LED Lantern
    Automotive: Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger
    Baby: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
    AmazonWireless: Samsung Galaxy S II (Verizon Wireless)
    Amazon Appstore for Android: Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)

    Amazon’s most wished-for products of 2011:

    Electronics: Kindle Fire
    Toys: Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game
    Video Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    Sports & Outdoors: Emergency Fire Starter
    Home & Kitchen: Cuisinart SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender
    Books: “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
    Kindle Books: “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett
    CD: “21″ by Adele
    Amazon MP3: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
    DVD: “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” (Episodes I-VI)
    Amazon Instant Video: “Crazy, Stupid, Love”
    Watches: G-Shock X-Large Military Series Watch
    Jewelry: Sterling Silver Marcasite and Gemstone Colored Glass Heart Pendant
    Clothing: Levi’s Men’s 501 Jean
    Shoes: Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top in Gold Metallic
    Beauty: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
    Health & Personal Care: Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser
    Tools & Home Improvement: Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener
    Automotive: ResQMe Keychain Rescue Tool
    Baby: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
    Amazon Appstore for Android: Angry Birds Rio (Ad-Free)

    Amazon’s most gifted of the year:

    Electronics: Kindle Fire
    Toys: Rory’s Story Cubes
    Video Games: Just Dance 3
    Sports & Outdoors: Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
    Home & Kitchen: KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer
    Books: “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
    Kindle Books: “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson
    CD: “21″ by Adele
    Amazon MP3: “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga
    DVD: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2″
    Watches: LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock
    Jewelry: 14k Yellow Gold Plated “A Mother Holds Her Child’s Hand For A Short While And Their Hearts Forever” Open Heart Pendant
    Clothing: Gerber 5-Pack Onesies Brand One Piece Underwear
    Shoes: Crocs Classic Clog
    Beauty: Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
    Health & Personal Care: Philips 7310 Norelco Men’s Shaving System
    Tools & Home Improvement: Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener
    Automotive: Wagan 12-Volt Heated Seat Cushion
    Baby: Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

    Amazon’s most loved prodcuts of 2011:

    Electronics: Kindle
    Toys: Syma R/C Helicopter
    Video Games: Portal 2
    Sports & Outdoors: Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set
    Home & Kitchen: EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale
    Books: “Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption” by Laura Hillenbrand
    Kindle Books: “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins
    CD: “Il Volo” by Il Volo
    Amazon MP3: “Born this Way” (Special Edition) by Lady Gaga
    DVD: “Soul Surfer”
    Amazon Instant Video: “Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead”
    Watches: Casio AWG100-1A G-Shock Multi-Band Solar Atomic Analog Watch
    Jewelry: Tungsten Carbide Comfort Fit Flat Wedding Band Ring
    Clothing: Men’s Air Force A-2 Flight Leather Bomber Jacket
    Shoes: ASICS Men’s GEL-Nimbus 12 Running Shoe
    Beauty: NARS Orgasm Blush
    Health & Personal Care: Finger Pulse Oximeter
    Tools & Home Improvement: Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme 300-Lumen LED Lantern
    Automotive: 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System
    Baby: Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
    AmazonWireless: Droid Razr 4G by Motorola (Verizon Wireless)
    Amazon Appstore for Android: Quell


    Ask’s top celebrity search terms and questions for 2011 include:

    1. Kim Kardashian: Was Kim Kardashian’s wedding fake?
    2. Justin Bieber: Is Justin Bieber going to be a dad?
    3. Lady Gaga: AreLady Gaga’s face implants real?
    4. Beyonce: Did Beyonce fake a baby bump?
    5. Kate Middleton: Who made Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
    6. Ashton Kutcher: Did Ashton cheat?
    7. Michael Jackson: Was Michael Jackson murdered?
    8. Selena Gomez: Is Selena Gomez pregnant?
    9. Lindsay Lohan: Is Lindsay Lohan going to jail?
    10. Charlie Sheen: What happened to Charlie Sheen’s teeth?

    Top news search terms and questions included:

    1. Earthquake in Japan: How big was the earthquake in Japan?
    2. Hurricane Irene: What caused Hurricane Irene?
    3. Steve Jobs: How much was Steve Jobs worth?
    4. Royal Wedding: What did William whisper to Kate on the balcony?
    5. Occupy Wall Street: Who started Occupy Wall Street?
    6. iPhone: When will Apple release the iPhone 5?
    7. Osama Bin Laden: Who killed Bin Laden?
    8. Casey Anthony: Where is Casey Anthony hiding?
    9. 10th Anniversary of September 11: What is happening on the 10th anniversary of 9/11?
    10. AmyWinehouse: How did Amy Winehouse die?

    Top political searches and questions included:

    1. Barack Obama: Will Obama get re-elected?
    2. Mitt Romney: What is Mitt Romney’s religion?
    3. Sarah Palin: Is Sarah Palin running for president?
    4. Michele Bachmann: Is Michele Bachmann crazy?
    5. Anthony Weiner: Where can I find Anthony Weiner’s Twitter pics?
    6. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Who was Arnold’s mistress?
    7. Gay Marriage: Which states allow gay marriage?
    8. Withdrawl from Iraq: When will the troops come home?
    9. Iowa Caucus: When is the Iowa caucus?
    10. Muammar Ghadafi: Who will lead Libya after Ghadafi?

    AOL (search)


    1. Casey Anthony Trial
    2. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting
    3. Royal Wedding
    4. Japan Earthquake
    5. Arab Spring
    6. Penn State Scandal
    7. Osama bin Laden Death
    8. Occupy Wall Street
    9. Debt Ceiling Debate
    10. European Debt Crisis


    1. Charlie Sheen
    2. Justin Bieber
    3. Kate Middleton
    4. Jennifer Aniston
    5. Kim Kardashian
    6. Tiger Woods
    7. Lindsay Lohan
    8. Amy Winehouse
    9. Glenn Beck
    10. Pippa Middleton


    1. Ted Williams
    2. Planking
    3. Serene Branson
    4. Anonymous
    5. My Little Pony
    6. Ancient Aliens
    7. Nyan Cat
    8. Rebecca Black Friday
    9. Tiger Mom
    10. Qwikster

    Presidential Candidates

    1. Barack Obama
    2. Herman Cain
    3. Michele Bachmann
    4. Rick Perry
    5. Ron Paul
    6. Mitt Romney
    7. Newt Gingrich
    8. Rick Santorum
    9. Jon Huntsman
    10. Gary Johnson


    1. How can I pay off my credit card?
    2. How tall is Katy Perry?
    3. How can I stop snoring?
    4. How did Valentine’s Day start?
    5. How do you lock your scroll bar?
    6. How much is my jewelry worth?
    7. How many ounces in a gallon?
    8. How do I change my AOL password?
    9. How much should I weigh?
    10. How did Punxsutawney Phil get his name?


    1. Is Whitney Houston pregnant?
    2. Is the iPhone 3GS free?
    3. Is Dolly Parton her real name?
    4. Is Cancun safe for tourists?
    5. Is Roseanne Barr a nut farmer?
    6. Is heartburn a sign of pregnancy?
    7. Is shingles contagious?
    8. Is Facebook going to charge?
    9. Is there life after death?
    10. Is rosemary good for stretch marks?


    1. Why did Dick leave Big Brother?
    2. Why did the original Becky leave Roseanne?
    3. Why did William and Kate split in 2007?
    4. Why did Paul Ryan found the Young Guns program?
    5. Why did the chicken cross the road?
    6. Why did Glenn Beck leave Fox?
    7. Why did Ricky Gervais quit Twitter?
    8. Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
    9. Why did my hair thin after giving birth?
    10. Why did Jerry Lewis leave MDA?


    Top Searches on Yahoo! in 2011

    1. iPhone
    2. Casey Anthony
    3. Kim Kardashian
    4. Katy Perry
    5. Jennifer Lopez
    6. Lindsay Lohan
    7. American Idol
    8. Jennifer Aniston
    9. Japan Earthquake
    10. Osama Bin Laden

    Top Gadget/Tech Toy Searches on Yahoo! in 2011

    1. iPhone
    2. Blackberry
    3. Xbox
    4. PlayStation 3
    5. Wii
    6. iPod
    7. Android
    8. iPad
    9. Kindle
    10. Playbook (Blackberry)

    Top Searches on Yahoo! Over the Past 10 Years

    . 2011: iPhone
    . 2010: BP Oil Spill
    . 2009: Michael Jackson
    · 2008: Britney Spears
    · 2007: Britney Spears
    · 2006: Britney Spears
    · 2005: Britney Spears
    · 2004: American Idol
    · 2003: KaZaA
    · 2002: PlayStation 2

    Top Mobile Searches on Yahoo in 2011

    1. iPhone 5
    2. Powerball
    3. MLB
    4. Scrabble cheat
    5. Casey Anthony
    6. Hurricane Irene 2011
    7. Kim Kardashian
    8. Translator
    9. Amy Winehouse
    10. May 21, 2011 Rapture

    Top Searched Obsessions on Yahoo! in 2011

    1. Charlie Sheen
    2. The Rapture
    3. “Friday” (Rebecca Black)
    4. Mortgage Rates
    5. Extreme Couponing
    6. Angry Birds
    7. Planking
    8. Game of Thrones
    9. Government Shutdown
    10. Tiger Mom


    Most searched people:

    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Kim Kardashian
    3. Jennifer Aniston
    4. Lindsay Loahan
    5. Jennifer Lopez
    6. Britney Spears
    7. Katy Perry
    8. Megan Fox
    9. Lady Gaga
    10. Miley Cyrus

    The most searched consumer electronics were:

    1. Xbox and Kinect
    2. Kindle
    3. Playstation
    4. iPhone 5
    5. iPad
    6. Wii
    7. iPad 2
    8. Nook
    9. Windows Phone 7
    10. Macbook Pro

    The top three news stories were:

    1. Casey Anthongy Trial
    2. Osama bin Laden Death
    3. Hurricane Irene

    Top Celebrity Events:

    1. Royal Wedding
    2. Final “Harry Potter”
    3. Kim Kardashian Wedding

    Top Finance Quotes:

    1. Real estate agents
    2. Cheap
    3. Coupons


    Global – fastest rising:

    1. Rebecca BlackSearch
    2. Google PlusSearch
    3. Ryan DunnSearch
    4. Casey AnthonySearch
    5. Battlefield 3Search
    6. Iphone 5Search
    7. AdeleSearch
    8. 東京 電力Search
    9. Steve JobsSearch
    10. Ipad 2

    Global – fastest falling:

    1. MyspaceSearch
    2. Hi5Search
    3. MeboSearch
    4. Nasza KlasaSearch
    5. NetlogSearch
    6. BaiduSearch
    7. Wer Kennt WenSearch
    8. MeinvzSearch
    9. Hotmail CorreoSearch
    10. Delta Airlines

    Global fastest rising in entertainment:

    1. Rebecca BlackSearch
    2. Ryan Dunn DeadSearch
    3. Price Tag LyricsSearch
    4. Amy Winehouse DeathSearch
    5. Super Bass LyricsSearch
    6. Crazy Stupid LoveSearch
    7. Disney JuniorSearch
    8. Kim Kardashian WeddingSearch
    9. The Lazy SongSearch
    10. Rihanna Man Down

    Global fastest rising in sports:

    1. Mayweather Vs OrtizSearch
    2. SoccerstarSearch
    3. Dan WheldonSearch
    4. Ufc RioSearch
    5. Marco SimoncelliSearch
    6. Troy DavisSearch
    7. India Vs EnglandSearch
    8. なでしこ ジャパンSearch
    9. Hope SoloSearch
    10. Pacquiao Vs Mosley

    Global fastest rising in consumer electronics:

    1. Amazon Kindle FireSearch
    2. Iphone 4sSearch
    3. Sidekick 4gSearch
    4. Hp TouchpadSearch
    5. Spb Shell 3dSearch
    6. Ipad 2Search
    7. Htc SensationSearch
    8. Samsung Nexus PrimeSearch
    9. Sony NgpSearch
    10. Ipad 3

    Global fastest rising in food and drink:

    1. WendysSearch
    2. Just EatSearch
    3. Little CaesarsSearch
    4. Chick Fil ASearch
    5. AllrecipesSearch
    6. 食べ ログSearch
    7. Jimmy JohnsSearch
    8. Buffalo Wild WingsSearch
    9. PopeyesSearch
    10. Cupcakes

    Global fastest rising in Google Maps:

    1. UtmSearch
    2. Siegessule BerlinSearch
    3. Dpt ConforamaSearch
    4. Wells FargoSearch
    5. FriseurSearch
    6. Elementary SchoolsSearch
    7. CampgroundsSearch
    8. Shopping CentreSearch
    9. StarbucksSearch
    10. Lake

    Global fastest rising people:

    1. Rebecca BlackSearch
    2. Ryan DunnSearch
    3. Pippa MiddletonSearch
    4. Casey AnthonySearch
    5. AdeleSearch
    6. Steve JobsSearch
    7. Amy WinehouseSearch
    8. Osama Bin LadenSearch
    9. Charlie SheenSearch
    10. Kate Middleton

    Global fastest rising news:

    1. FukushimaSearch
    2. Iphone 4sSearch
    3. Melania ReaSearch
    4. Salvatore ParolisiSearch
    5. Lamberto SposiniSearch
    6. Battlefield 3Search
    7. DskSearch
    8. Iphone 5Search
    9. GaddafiSearch
    10. Libya

    What has been the most memorable part of the web of the year for you? Let us know in the comments.

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