Olivia Wilde Wears Pubic Wig on HBO's "Vinyl"

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Olivia Wilde took it all off on HBO's Vinyl this week, and she even wore a merkin--or pubic wig--as well.

PerezHilton.com reports that Olivia Wilde had to be historically accurate with her nudity. Vinyl takes place in the 1970s--long before women trimmed, shaved, or waxed away their pubic hair.

Olivia Wilde plays the role of Devon Finestra, the estranged wife of record executive Richie Finestra, on Vinyl. Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese are among the show's creators.

In a recent interview, Olivia Wilde talked about the merkin she wears on a regular basis.

"We all wear merkins because it's the '70s. They fit you, they make it, and they let you choose the consistency and the color. It's huge…You're wearing a little fur bikini…I was walking around to the whole crew going, "Look at this!"' she explained.

Wouldn't you love to know what Olivia Wilde's other half--funny man Jason Sudeikis--has to say about her pubic wig? That would make the perfect SNL skit if only Jason was still part of the Saturday Night Live cast.

Have you been watching Vinyl since it premiered on HBO in February? If so, did you catch Olivia Wilde this week, wearing her merkin?

Did you know what a merkin was before reading this article?

If not, you're definitely not alone.

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