Olivia Wilde, Jimmy Fallow: How Not to Blow Up A Watermelon

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Olivia Wilde was all too happy on Friday, while a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, to join the show's host in yet another of his hilarious antics. Called "Watermelon Time Bomb," the object of the game was to wrap as many rubber bands as possible around a watermelon until it blew up.

Jimmy Fallon played a similar game on a previous episode with actress Shailene Woodley. That one was called "Pumpkin Time Bomb," and involved the same objective.

Olivia Wilde and Jimmy Fallon donned goggles and began wrapping rubber bands around said watermelon.

"Safety is sexy," Fallon said.

“It’s going to hurt so bad,” the Meadowland star said, fearing some pain upon the watermelon's explosion.

"It doesn't hurt," Jimmy Fallon insisted.

After resorting to double-banding the watermelon, Olivia Wilde decided it was never going to blow up, so she slammed it on the floor, spraying some of the audience members with juice.

Earlier in the show, Olivia Wilde talked about starring in an HBO show about the seedy side of the music world. The show is directed by Mick Jagger. She was so in awe of working with the Rolling Stones singer that she was tongue tied whenever she tried talking to him.

Don't you love some of the games Jimmy Fallon plays on The Tonight Show?

Does his previous idea of "Pumpkin Time Bomb" have you thinking it might be a fun option for Halloween?

Do you think Olivia Wilde will ever play a game like this one again?

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