Olivia Wilde Dishes On Her Devil Horn Eyebrows

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Olivia Wilde was chosen as a Revlon cosmetics spokesperson because of her undeniable beauty, however even someone like Wilde has some issues when it comes to her beauty regime.

“I wish I could do a red lip, but I’m more comfortable with a bold eye,” the 29-year-old actress said. "I know once I do the eye, it’s done. Inevitably, I’m going to eat something or kiss someone hello, so I mess up lipstick pretty much immediately. I still love playing with different shades of lipstick, but if I’m going to a holiday party, and I want to feel super-confident I’m doing a metallic eye.”

What is Wilde's most important beauty tip? She says having well shaped eyebrows is the key to looking your best. "It changes your face so much when you have your eyebrows filled in and softened,” she said. “I spent years trying to look like Kate Moss with wispy thin eyebrows, which was a horrible mistake and everyone told me not to do it. So now I’m obsessed.”

Wilde dishes on the easiest way to fill in those brows...by using a pencil instead of a powder. “It’s easier for me than a powder. I’m so fast with a pencil now too,” she said. “My eyebrows are so warped from years of abuse that I brush them to the side and then I pencil in the rest. If I brush them up they look like crazy, pointy, devil horns. Everyone in my family has crazy pointy eyebrows. So I try to soften them and take them down a notch.”

Wilde showed off her perfectly trimmed eyebrows and her growing baby bump at the premiere of her newest film Her on December 12. Wilde and her fiancé Jason Sudeikis announced in October that they are expecting their first child together next year.

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