Olivia Culpo Copes With Nick Jonas Breakup, Is There A Chance For Reconcile?

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Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas have called it quits after two years of dating.

Olivia Culpo and Jonas were reportedly struggling with the handling of their long distance relationship when it all fell apart.

Last week, the rumors began to swirl after Olivia Culpo and her love were both reportedly in New York, but stayed in different hotels.

During the same period, Nick Jonas hinted that his relationship with Olivia Culpo was difficult due to the distance.

He said long distance love is "always tough," but "it's all good."

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He added, "We're both busy and young and enjoying life. It's going well... For right now, we're taking it one step at a time."

I guess Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas ran out of steps.

According to Hollywood Life, Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo weren't meant to last.

A source told HL, “[Nick]’s a commitment-phobe, he’s had one foot in and one foot out the whole time.”

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Another source blames the distance. They said, “Distance did not make the heart grow fonder for Nick, as his booming career and the long distance they spent from each other killed the relationship in Nick’s eyes.”

The source continued hopefully, “Olivia would rather have Nick back than her own career. She is willing to slow down for the benefit of the relationship and she is convinced that will win him back!”

In the meantime, Olivia Culpo is keeping her head up with some positive messages.

Perhaps hope is alive for Olivia Culpo and Nick Jonas! What do you think?

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