Old Navy Has The Blue Jean Blues


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Old Navy has been accused of photoshopping leg gaps onto the photos of the the jeans on their website. While most people will admit that their thighs touch, most secretly wish that they didn't. For those who are comfortable with their bodies, they do not think stores like Old Navy should photoshop photos to make people who do not have thigh gaps feel bad.

Old Navy says that they did not intend to make anyone feel bad and said that the leg gaps were not photoshopped or done on purpose. They claim that they haven't bought into the thigh gap craze just yet and that the reason there are thigh gaps in the photo is because the jeans are being worn by manequins instead of human models.

The company did however issue an apology and explanation saying, "At Old Navy we strive to show our customers the most accurate representation of how product fits the body. This includes pinning garments on body forms to show how they will actually appear. While we do remove these pins in post-production, we do not use any photo-altering techniques to deliberately distort the actual look or fit of our product."

Many shoppers and stores are paying closer attention to the way they market their clothing. Target was recently accused of Photoshopping their ad and website photos. The store had released a photo of a model wearing a swimsuit with an obvious photoshopped thigh gap. The photoshop attempt was so bad that the store didn't even try to make up an excuse but did issue an apology.

Sensitivity towards overweight shoppers and people of all shapes and sizes has grown over the last few months and most stores want to show that their clothing can be worn by anyone regardless of whether they have a thigh gap or not. Old Navy's explanation seems legit, and the photo does not show any obvious signs of beign photoshopped.

Do you believe the company's explaination?

Image via Wikimedia Commons