Oklahoma Earthquake Surprises Arcadia Residents

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An earthquake with a 4.8 magnitude has shaken Central Oklahoma this Saturday afternoon, according to U.S. Geological Survey. The earthquake was recorded shortly after 12 noon just southeast of Lake Arcadia which is seven miles east of Edmond, 9 miles north, northwest of Choctaw and fourteen miles northwest of Oklahoma.

The spokesman of the Oklahoma Department of Emergency, Keli Cain, says no damage or injuries have been reported as of yet, though the earthquake was about 5 miles deep. However, Paul Carusi, a geophysicist with the Oklahoma Geological Survey has described the earthquake as a shallow quake that can do no more than knocking items off the shelves and causing light fixtures to sway. It is believed that this could be part of the chain of quakes that have struck near the Jones area over the past few years.

The earthquake only lasted several seconds but many Oklahoma residents said they felt it. Residents of several Oklahoma cities including Oklahoma City, Harra, Edmond, Mustang, Stillwater, Guthrie and Tulsa reported feeling the earthquake.

Many fans who were attending the Bedlam football game in Stillwater reported they felt the earthquake as well. The manager of Pops Restaurant in Arcadia says there was no noticeable damage to the restaurant and customers were initially surprised but simply went back to viewing the football game on TV once the earthquake stopped.


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