Octopus Pants Sported By Billy Horschel At U.S. Open

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Octopus pants sound like they would be the height of fashion in some French fashion show. That may be the case in the future, but for now, octopus pants are the sole innovation of Billy Horschel.

Horschel, who is participating in the final round U.S. Open today, was spotted wearing some pretty outlandish octopus print pants. He even tweeted a picture of the pants to show the world that he's ready to shake up the conservative world of golf fashion.

After he appeared on television, octopus pants took off across various social networks. Even people who don't normally watch golf were swept up by the octopus golf craze.

From the looks of it, Horschel won't be winning the U.S. Open. Even so, he already scored a win today for the sport of golf by increasing its visibility among non-fans with his pants.

[h/t: The 700 Level]

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