Octomom: Angelina Photo Shoot Pics Released


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It seems that Nadya Suleman believes she is in danger of being forgotten. The 'Octomom', best known for giving birth to octuplets in 2009, is featured this week in new pictures featured in In Touch magazine. The photos depict the single mom in clothing made famous by actress Angelina Jolie.

Nadya told In Touch that Jolie is her idol, though she states that Jolie, who has six children, has it "easy." Suleman has fourteen children.

In January 2013 it was reported that Suleman is on welfare after a rocky 2012. Last summer the 'Octomom' starred in a solo porn movie titled Octomom Home Alone, which features Suleman masturbating. Around the same time, Suleman appeared at a strip club in Florida to pay her bills. She was admitted to rehab in October, reportedly for an addiction to prescription Xanax.

(Image courtesy In Touch)