Ocean Marketing Adds Extortion List Of Things They’re Bad At


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The Ocean Marketing debacle took an interesting turn this morning when N-Control’s new head of PR, Moises Chiullan, revealed to Reddit that Paul Christoforo, the man at the heart of the PR nightmare that spread across the internet on Tuesday, has been attempting to extort his former employer.

Chiullan tweeted yesterday that Christoforo still had control of several N-Control accounts:

Again, Paul Christoforo is holding our email accounts hostage. DO NOT SEND anything to an account that ends in "@avengercontrollers.com" 17 hours ago via YoruFukurou · powered by @socialditto

When asked how one holds an email account hostage, Chiullan responded with the following statement:

The Gloves Come Off

So, it looks like Christoforo is pretty much exactly as dumb as he appeared at the beginning of this mess. Instead of cutting his losses and moving on - perhaps even being willing to apologize for being ridiculously rude to a customer - he tried to cash in. The story is not without a happy ending, however. For whatever reason - possibly because he realized that extortion is a thing they put people in jail for - Christofolo changed his tune not long after his demands came to light:

Happy to report that Mr. Christoforo has abruptly become very forthcoming regarding digital assets that he was previously withholding. 5 hours ago via YoruFukurou · powered by @socialditto

Unfortunately, though, all is not back to normal. N-Control’s website has apparently been taken down. Visitors to avengercontroller.com are treated to a generic GoDaddy welcome page. However, given Christoforo’s abrupt change of heart, we can hope that things will be back to normal for N-Control - who by all accounts make an excellent product - very soon.