Obama's 'Life Of Julia' Keeps Democrats At Social Media Forefront

Social Media

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Last week the Republican party launched a Social Victory app to try to get a foothold onto what has been a one sided battle: The fight for social media dominance. This fight was utterly dominated by Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential election, and some strategists pointed to this as a huge reason why he won so handily.

The 2012 campaign has seen basically the same thing. Mostly due to the fantastic job the Democratic party did last time to build up their good social media karma, they are still riding high. As you can see from the infographic below, even with all of the Republican Presidential hopefuls put together, they don't even make a dent into what is an enormous social media advantage for Obama.

Thanks to Overdrive Interactive for this great Infographic!

This kind of forward thinking has allowed the Obama reelection people to focus on promoting their ideals and beliefs, and not spending time to build a social media presence. This is where the 'Life of Julia' slideshow comes in. In something that resembles a Google product release video, 'Life of Julia' follows a fictional woman who, throughout different stages of her life, is benefitting from the entitlements given to her by President Barack Obama.

"Julia starts her own web business. She qualifies for a Small Business Administration loan, giving her the money she needs to invest in her business. President Obama's tax cuts for small businesses like Julia's help her to get started. She's able to hire employees, creating new jobs in her town and helping to grow the local economy." This kind of political showcase is how and where the Democrats have a chance at getting Obama reelected. The Republicans will have a huge unknown factor unless they can do something to show that they know how to run a social media campaign that is effective.