Obama Girl Still Has a Crush on Obama, Although She May Look Different This Year

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You remember Obama Girl, right? She was the model who publicly declared her undying love for then-candidate Barack Obama in a now legendary YouTube video.

Well, she's likely jumped ship on President Obama. But the real woman behind the "I Got a Crush...on Obama" viral phenomenon is back, and she still loves our 44th President.

Leah Kauffman provided the vocals on the original YouTube hit, but she didn't appear in the video. That task fell to Amber Lee Ettinger, an aspiring actress and model who lip-synched the tune. Since the historic 2008 election, Ettinger has made it clear on various talk shows that she doesn't have the same affinity for Obama, and that her voting options are definitely open in 2012.

But Kauffman is still a supporter. "I decided to revisit the original "Crush on Obama". I've still got a crush, and he's got my vote," she says. And this time, she's in front of the camera.

Check out "Still Got a Crush on Obama":

She's not alone. This dude also has a crush on Obama.

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