NYC Nanny Stabbing: Neighborhood, Web In Disbelief

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When news broke this morning of a 50-year old nanny in New York City who allegedly stabbed two small children to death in their bathtub before turning the knife on herself, residents in the Upper West Side neighborhood were shocked with grief and disbelief. Nannies are not an uncommon thing in that part of town and often live with the family they work for, becoming as close as any other family member. For someone so seemingly normal and trustworthy to have done such a horrific thing is beyond the comprehension of just about everyone the story touches.

2-year old Leo and 6-year old Lucia were found by their mother when she returned home last night from her 3-year old's swimming lessons, along with the nanny--Yoselyn Ortega--who suffered what appeared to be self-inflicted wounds to her neck. A neighbor said she heard screaming coming from the apartment, as well as someone yelling, "You slit her throat!"

The children's father, Kevin Krim, is an executive at CNBC. Comcast and NBC released a statement about the murders and about the massive loss this family is dealing with.

"A member of the CNBC family has suffered an unimaginable loss. The sadness that we all feel for Kevin, Marina and their family is without measure. Our thoughts, prayers and unwavering support are with them all."

The people of New York have been extremely supportive, gathering around the building to lay bouquets of flowers in honor of the children; readers of the story have been equally touched, for the most part. When young children die, it is unfailingly tragic. When they die under such horrific and needless circumstances, it is more than tragedy; it is unfathomable. As a parent, I can say my thoughts will be with the Krim family for quite a while. I'm sure many others feel the same.

Amanda Crum
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