Nvidia Kepler Video Cards Rumored To Be In Production


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It's been a long time waiting, but Nvidia appears to finally be starting production on its line of Kepler GK104 video cards.

For those unaware, Nvidia has been working on the new 28nm production process for a new video card codenamed Kepler. Fudzilla got word from their sources that Nvidia has been talking to its partners and the new cards are already in production. That pegs the release of the new Kepler cards at sometime in April. The video cards are expected to be a part of the GTX 600 series.

Fudzilla's sources told them that the first line of cards are going to look very similar with a few partners using different cooling techniques. This is because Nvidia's manufacturing partners won't deviate from their reference design for the first batch of cards. Once they understand the manufacturing process a little better, they will come up with their own unique designs for the cards as we've seen with some of the crazy releases in the current GTX 500 series.

AMD beat Nvidia to market early this year with the release of their HD7000 series of GPUs. AMD's GPUs were the first to use the 28nm manufacture process. They were also the first to take advantage of PCI Express 3.0.1. If the rumors are true and Nvidia's cards launch in April, we will soon be able to see how Kepler stacks up.

Nvidia has been relatively quiet about the Kepler cards in recent months with a no-show at CES. This has led many fans, including myself, to question what's going on with our favorite video card manufacturer.

We'll keep you up to date on any developments as Nvidia draws closer to the release of Kepler. With AMD being more aggressive than ever in their GPU production, you can be expect this to be an interesting year for video card manufacturers.