Now Pokemon Is Getting The Virtual Reality Treatment

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There seems to be a new trend of porting older games to the Oculus Rift to see if traditional gameplay can be adapted to virtual reality. We first saw it last week with one developer's efforts to port the original Legend of Zelda to the Rift, and now somebody has done the same with Pokemon.

Pokemon 3D is a first-person Pokemon title inspired by Pokemon Gold and Silver alongside more modern titles like Minecraft. It's perfectly playable as is, but one YouTuber saw fit to see how first-person Pokemon would work in a virtual reality environment.

As expected, it's really weird. The text is small, the controls are iffy and the battles are a far cry from what series fans are used to. With all that said, it's still really cool to see a franchise like Pokemon being adapted to virtual reality. While Nintendo won't be supporting headsets anytime soon, Oculus Rift developers will no doubt keep exploring the potential in ideas like this.

If you have an Oculus Rift and want to give Pokemon 3D a try, you can download it here. You'll also need to download VorpX to make the game work with the Rift.

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[h/t: Kotaku] Image via Vaecon/YouTube

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