Nokia Launching Windows 8 Tablet Later This Year [RUMOR]

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With Windows 8 scheduled to launch later this year, the question naturally arises: when will we begin to see Windows 8 tablets? The operating system is, after all, designed to function on a variety of platforms, including tablets and desktop/laptop computers. Well, it looks Nokia might have an answer in the works, according to recent rumors.

Citing "sources at upstream component suppliers," DigiTimes is reporting that Nokia is planning to produce a Windows 8 tablet. The tablet would have a 10-inch display and be available sometime in the fourth quarter of 2012. The tablet would run on Qualcomm dual-core processor.

Of course, DigiTimes has a somewhat... spotty record on predictions of this kind, so don't be too surprised if this one turns out wrong. At the same time, though, Nokia is a likely candidate for a Windows 8 tablet. Nokia has bet heavily on the Windows platform in recent months. Nokia's own Symbian operating system has been effectively abandoned as the company has begun putting Windows Phone on all its new devices. The highly-anticipated Nokia Lumia 900, which may or may not be coming out in April, is the latest in this line.

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