Noisy Typer Turns Your Mac Into A Typewriter, Brings Out Your Inner Hemingway

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Let's say that you're the type of person who like to wax nostalgic about the time when writers like Ernest Hemingway pecked away at a typewriter inside an unfurnished hardwood flat, while mercilessly pounding whiskey and chain-smoking. But let's also say that you're a person who can't live without the modern comforts of a computer, and the thought of actually using a typewriter for your daily compositions sounds incredibly tedious.

If any or all of that describes your character, Noisy Typer might make you pretty happy.

Get that old-timey feel without any of the old-timey headaches by installing the free Noisy Typer software onto your OS X-powered device (sorry, no Windows version yet). All Noisy Typer does is play typewriter sounds whenever you use the keyboard - that includes the crisp punch of the keys, the chunk of the spacebar, and the classic carriage return sounds we all know so well.

The application will run in the background and can be disabled at any time by typing "qaz123."

Download the program here. I know it sounds fun, but it's even a lot more fun than it sounds. I sat down this morning to write an email and felt like Edward R. Murrow - it was great.

[via Mashable]
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