Noisy Kid Hit at Theater During a Screening of Titanic 3D


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Noisy kid hit at theater: That's the sort of headline you don't read everyday, though, truthfully, I'm sure a lot of people wish it happened a bit more frequently than it currently does. However, as much as we'd all love to smack the obnoxious little brat that constantly talks and cuts up during our overpriced theatrical experience, very rarely do any of us act on our impulses. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for 21 year-old Yong Hyun Kim.

During a recent showing of "Titanic 3D", a motion picture you'd think would be free of annoying pre-teen boys, Kim decided he'd had enough of the tomfoolery unfolding behind his chair. After asking three kids to stop throwing popcorn at his girlfriend, Kim climbed over the seat and confronted the unruly adolescents. They, of course, couldn't have cared less. Enraged, the guy promptly threw his soda at them, an act he followed up with a bit of street justice.

In other words, Kim punched a 10 year-old in the face. "I got so mad that it just happened," he explained, adding that he thought the person he'd assaulted was a grown man.


According to authorities, Kim exclaimed, "You know what, I paid a lot of money to see this movie!" Which, of course, is very true. Anyone who's ever paid full price for a 3D movie ticket understands why the guy flipped his lid. Still, there's a little something called self control, a trait that most adults should possess. The kid, who is only described as KJJ in the police report, suffered a bloody nose and a busted tooth.

Not surprisingly, Kim was hauled off to jail by Seattle police. He's been charged with second-degree assault, which, if convicted, could send him behind bars for three to nine months. I can almost guarantee that he won't be punching anyone who talks over the movie in prison.

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