Nohemi Gonzalez: California Student Studying in Paris Killed in Terror Attacks

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Nohemi Gonzalez was one of the many people killed in the terror attacks in Paris on Friday. A student at California State University, Long Beach, Gonzalez was studying design for a semester just outside the city. She was in a Paris restaurant when she died.

Jane Close Conoley is the university's president. She issued a statement regarding Nohemi Gonzalez's death.

"I'm deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Long Beach State University student Nohemi Gonzalez," she said. "Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends during this sad time."

Nohemi Gonzales hails from El Monte, located in Southern California. She was a junior at the university.

“I feel lost, sadness, and...It was my only daughter,” Beatrice Gonzalez, the mother of Nohemi Gonzalez told ABC affiliate KABC.

The last time Mrs. Gonzalez spoke to Nohemi was on Wednesday. On Friday, the FBI came to her home near El Monte to tell her her daughter had been among the victims of the Paris attacks.

At 4 p.m. PT on Sunday, a vigil is being held to honor the slain student, as well as all others killed or wounded in the Paris attacks.

Several sites around Paris were targeted on Friday by bombers and gunman in coordinated attacks that left 129 dead. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Prayers are being said by people around the world for all of the victims in the Paris terror attacks. Nohemi Gonzalez and her family are no doubt in many of those prayers.

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