No Steve Carell For The Office Finale

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The popular U.S. version of TV comedy The Office is finally ending its eight-year run.

The Office, which is the American spin-off of the British Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant comedy of the same name, caught on with American viewers largely due to Carell's Michael Scott character. Carell left the show in 2011, and ratings have been falling ever since.

So, when it comes to the big finale, the question on everyone's mind is whether Carell will be making a guest appearance as Scott. Unfortunately for long-time fans, it doesn't appear that Carell will even be making a cameo in the final episode.

A Reuters report on a conference call with The Office Executive Producer Greg Daniels states definitively that Carell will not be a part of the finale. Daniels stated that Carell felt his final episode on the show was a good end for his character.

The final episode of The Office will air on May 16 and will be an hour long. Daniels revealed that the finale will be patterned after the the finale of the British series, in which the characters meet again after becoming famous.

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