NM4 Vultus Motorcycle Unveiled by Honda


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Friday at the 30th annual Osaka Motorcycle Show, Honda unveiled its new NM4 Vultus motorcycle, which features "Front Massive Styling.” The rider sits toward the rear of the bike, more like one would on a scooter, though the Vultus has the power of a standard "crotch rocket," with its 745cc parallel-twin-powered engine.

The NM4 was designed to be practical in urban environments, and the rider steers via pullback handlebars, allowing the front end of the bike to contain the engine, fuel and storage space. Vultus, which means "face" in Latin, alludes to the aggressive Front Massive Styling of the motorcycle-scooter.


The NM4 Vultus features LED lights, future-proof shock absorbers and a low center of gravity, with its engine-forward design. Honda states that the NM4 Vultus' engine has strong low and mid-range power and torque which facilitates smooth acceleration.


Check out a clip of the NM4 Vultus at the 2014 Osaka Motorcycle Show:

According to the Vultus press release from Honda, the design was inspired by anime and Japanese film. Keita Mikura, Large Project Leader for NM4 Vultus commented, “Honda is a big company. We make every kind of motorcycle. It’s great that sometimes we make a certain machine simply because we can and because we want to, not because we “should”. The NM4 Vultus exists because of a passion from deep within our company. We wanted to create something special, not just in the two-wheeled world, but truly unique in the whole world - a machine that engages a human soul like no other. Our intention was to make something that makes every moment feel cinematic, and we want riding it to be an event - guaranteed - every single time.”

Vultus fans took to Twitter:

Image via YouTube