Nine Year-Old's Food Blog Instigates Change in Scotland School

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I'm kind of in awe of nine year-old Scottish food blogger Martha Payne right about now. As someone who's been doing the blogging/internet writing thing for over seven years now, I've always dreamed of making some sort of positive impact on society. However, not only as Ms. Payne managed to get her school to rethink how it feeds its students, the young lass has also drawn some much-needed attention to how all of us could improve our diets.

Martha Payne just started her blog Never Seconds back in April, though it's already managed to cause quite a stir in her homeland. In addition to providing commentary about the meal she's preparing to ingest, Payne follows through with a post-consumption Food-O-Meter that gives her lunch an overall score.

Here's an example from one of her recent posts:

I decided to try something new today and I chose the vegetable spring rolls from the menu. They came with sticky rice which was amazing because it stuck to itself but not to my fork. My soup today must be the best soup in the world. It was chicken noodle soup and the noodles melt in your mouth. My dad thought I was drinking coffee with my lunch but it was really chocolate milkshake. I don't think I will have spring rolls again but I will always have the soup! I am still not sure if I could have had fruit today because I had a starter. I will ask a teacher tomorrow.

With a few rare exceptions -- cameras do eat batteries, after all -- each post also contains a photo of the meal in question. So not only is this girl accomplishing things most food bloggers will never achieve, she's also an awesome photographer. This may explain why Ms. Payne's blog caught the attention of TV chef Jamie Oliver, who was shocked at the food being served to students. Once the bad word began to spread, the school sprang into action.

Although officials were initially quick to dismiss the blog, they soon had a change of heart. The next thing budding journalist Martha Payne knew, fruits, vegetables, and better portions were being offered on the menu. In less than a month, one kid's honest, untainted opinions about her school's food had instigated some much-needed changes.

So the next time you think your tiny little blog is a pointless waste of time, pay a visit to Martha Payne's Never Seconds and keep pushing forward. You never know who might be reading.

Photo provided courtesy of Never Seconds

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