Nina Dobrev Excited About "Originals" Appearance

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Nina Dobrev is set to appear as Tatia on the Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals.

The episode that Nina Dobrev will be in highlights the lives of Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson and just what happened with Tatia.

“It’s pretty grim. I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s definitely revealing of the brothers and what happened back then,” said Joseph Morgan.

Producer Michael Narducci revealed that the episode flashes back to “the time of the Vikings,” a period which he says Joseph Morgan believes is the one that must be revisited if you are to fully understand where Klaus and Elijah originated.

Narducci said, “It was when they’d just become vampires and Klaus’ curse was placed upon him by his mother.”


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Nina Dobrev isn't saying whether or not there will be any steamy action on the episode, but the hints are there....

“I’ve even kissed Steven [R. McQueen], unfortunately,” she says of her characters’ numerous amorous scenes. “Well, it wasn’t a kiss, but I had to do mouth-to-mouth with Jeremy as Katherine. I remember reading that episode and being like, ‘Really?'”

So, it's possible.

Either way, Nina Dobrev is excited about the concept.


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“[Executive producer] Julie Plec pitched the story, which was actually cool and made a lot of sense, so that got me excited,” Nina Dobrev said.

She continued, “As much as I joke and say that playing a lot of characters is crazy — which it is — it’s also fun to create new people. It helps keep things fresh after six years, you know?”

Keeping it fresh isn't the only thing Nina Dobrev has to be worried about. Apparently, on Thursday Dobrev became the latest victim of the seemingly neverending series of photo leaks classlessly dubbed "the fappening".

Luckily, Nina Dobrev's photos weren't of a graphic nature. Perhaps she got wise and deleted the racy ones after the first few rounds of leaks.

Are you excited to see Nina Dobrev as Tatia?

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