Nielsen’s Latest U.S. Media Trends


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Nielsen has just submitted the second part of its State of the Media: Advertising & Audiences Report, which sheds light on DVR usage, as well as viewership of streaming content platforms like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix, who appears to making a real recovery from its recent missteps. The use of mobile devices while watching TV was also looked at, which garnered some interesting findings. Below is a chart depicting live TV, DVR and video game console usage per night during primetime, on average in the U.S.:

neilsen ranking

On average, a typical U.S. citizen watches 1 hour and 15 minutes of live TV, 7 minutes of content recorded to a DVR and 3 minutes of content on a video game console per primetime slot. Teenagers watched the most video game content at 8 minutes per night, which makes sense, while females spent roughly 61% of their time with DVR content watching dramas.

As for rates of watching TV while simultaneously using a tablet device:

tv and tablet use

The chart shows that males are more likely to look up show information on a tablet while watching TV, while females are more likely to look up information on the ads they see. Adults in the 25-54 demographic are 29% more likely to buy a product online that they saw on TV. Interestingly, 47% of people might checking Facebook while watching a show, and females appear to be interested in all aspects of the internet over that of males, barring sports scores and show information.

I for one rarely watch actual TV, but still view whatever shows online, while constantly checking email, social networks, scores, ads, show information, products and weather patterns. It might be time to switch to a web TV device.