Nicole Scherzinger Talks Self Esteem And New Album


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Nicole Scherzinger may seem like a confident woman, but she recently admitted that self esteem is something she has always struggled with.

Nicole has battled an eating disorder for years, and recently opened up about it.

While a lot of celebrities have personal issues that they struggle with in private, Nicole said that she made the decision to be truthful about her bulimia so she could help other people who could be going through the same thing.

"It always feels good to be truthful because not everyone's perfect," she said.

"Everyone always has these pre-conceived notions -- that you're glamorous, you don't have any problems, you don't have any issues, and we all battle with our own issues," she added.

Nicole hasn’t let her eating disorder and low self esteem stop her from living her dreams and she recently released a new album titled Big Fat Lie.

She said that the album is very personal to her and describes how she was feeling about herself at the time. She said she used music to help her deal with the eating disorder and even saw it as a type of therapy.

"It's a very personal album to me," she shared. "It's a transitional album, and it's very honest and authentic."

"I'm in a different place in my life now," she continued. "I feel a bit more confident and comfortable in my own skin to be able to talk about some things that I hadn't talked about before... I'm addressing some issues and things I've battled with in my life in the album and hopefully people can feel like they can relate to it."

Do you think Nicole is an inspiration to others who are struggling with eating disorders?