Nicole Kidman: The Real Reason She Did Not Attend Her Daughter's Wedding

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Isabella and Max opted for a low-key and private ceremony, surrounded only by closest friends and family members. However, Nicole, Tom, and Isabella’s brother, Connor were absent from the most important day of her life.

Rumors claim Isabella and Max sat them down and asked them not to go.

Despite the fact that Cruise had not met Isabella’s partner yet, he actually paid for the whole ceremony but was asked to not attend because his presence might attract the attention of the media. "Tom picked up the bill and paid for everything, but it was decided that neither he nor Nicole should attend as it would have turned the whole event into a circus," a source said.

As for Nicole, she was reportedly banned from the wedding but the truth was that she was involved in the wedding plans, too.

"Nicole was actually involved in the wedding preparations and she did have a private dinner with Bella and Max. But she didn't go to the ceremony. Also, the animosity between Tom and Nicole was probably a factor," the source added.

Connor did not attend as well, to keep the ceremony a secret. The proceedings, which featured a mixture of Scientology and Christian rituals, was said to be low-key but very expensive, according to another source.

Isabella and Connor followed their father’s belief in Scientology and chose to live with him instead of Nicole, but Nicole clarified in past interviews that their family didn’t have any rifts.

Although the wedding was kept secret, Nicole’s daughter shared some photos of her big day, including one where is wearing a minidress with black tights and her bridesmaids wearing pale pink jumpsuits.

Tom and Nicole were very supportive of their daughter’s marriage, although refused to comment about it.

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