Nicole Kidman Provided Much-Needed Moral Support for Katie Holmes

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Nicole Kidman knowns a thing or two about Tom Cruise. The couple met in 1989 on the set of director Tony Scott's action/drama "Days of Thunder", and were married about a year later. However, in February of 2001, a spokesperson for the couple announced their separation, a decision which was finalized in August of that year. Following the split, Kidman famously took to the Late Show with David Letterman, where she announced to everyone with a bendable ear that she could finally wear high heels again. Ouch. Wicked burn.

Kidman has plenty of experience with the ins and outs of being married to someone like Cruise, so it would only make sense that Katie Holmes would look to the actor's ex-wife for a little moral support. According to celebrity gossip website Hollywood Life, Holmes often turned to Kidman for advice and support throughout their marriage. If anybody has insight into just how crazy and ridiculous Cruise can be, it's certainly Kidman.

"They’ve spoken over the last few weeks. Nicole has been supportive, saying she’s been through it too and to hang in there," an anonymous source explained to US Weekly. "They spoke when Nicole called the kids. She knows what it’s like in that freaky house."

According to reports, the Church of Scientology repeatedly told Kidman's children that she was a "sociopath", a fate which Holmes felt would befall Suri. In order to prevent that from happening, she decided to make her escape. Who did she turn to for advice? Nicole Kidman.

"Nicole offered her support and help since she’s been there. She has been a private friend not many people know about. She told Katie her life is great and now she has no regrets," the source said. Whether there's any truth to this story remains to be seen.

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