Nicole Kidman On Her Second London Theatre Run And Christmas Without Her Father

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Nicole Kidman has recently wrapped her second run on London stages and is riding high in her career right now.

The love that Nicole Kidman has for the stage is apparent. In a recent interview, she expanded on how doing a play is so different than a movie.

Now that the play is over, Nicole Kidman said, "It feels sad."

She added, "The beauty of theatre is that it never comes again. That’s it, done, it’s all just memory then. That’s what makes it spectacular. I loved doing it every night. I had forgotten that direct connection to the audience."

She added, "And the immediacy — I haven’t had that in so long. You feel the energy of the audience. Even going and signing [autographs] at the stage door was a powerful thing for me."

That's not the only reason Nicole Kidman is riding high.

In addition to her numerous upcoming films, nominations have just been announced for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Nicole Kidman made a surprising appearance on the list for Lead Actress in a TV Movie for her starring role in the widely panned Grace of Monaco.

Also, Christmas is coming! And Nicole Kidman is looking foward to a well-deserved break with her husband, Keith Urban, her girls and her family.

Nicole Kidman, however, must endure the second Christmas without her beloved father who died of a heart attack two years ago.

She said, "We just hang out, eat, play. My sister has six children and they all come over, and my mum."

She added, "We have big family Christmases that are never the same because you don’t have the patriarch of the family [my father] there any more. But it is what it is, isn’t it? It takes on a whole different meaning."

What do you think of Nicole Kidman's stellar life right now?

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