Nicole Kidman And Naomi Watts Make Out Onstage At Film Gala

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During the 2015 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, Nicole Kidman and her longtime ‘girl’ friend Naomi Watts shocked the public as they locked lips together.

Strangely, the two Hollywood exports were both wearing shower caps when Kidman grabbed Watt’s head and passionately kissed her. Their intense kiss left the guests utterly surprised.

Cheers and loud roars with giggles were heared as the two women shared their love for each other publicly. Watts barely reached her towering partner while clutching onto her neck.

Photos over the internet showing Watts holding onto the back of Kidman’s neck while they were smooching each other have gone viral.

Though, Kidman is just a few days away from celebrating her ninth anniversary with Keith Urban, she still confidently shared a steamy kiss with Watts.

For a moment, Kidman seemed to have stopped being Urban’s wife, reserving herself for Watts as she came into sensual contact with her long-time lady friend.

Kidman and Watts both looked so glamorous while making their appearances on the red carpet at the event gala.

Apart from Watts, Kidman was also joined at the awards night by Angie Harmon and Regina King. Nicole received the Crystal Award for Excellence in Film. The award was presented to women who expand their work beyond the movie industry.

On the other hand, there were major issues regarding Kidman’s look during the night. Kidman suffered from a makeup fail by the time she came in to collect her award.

The Aussie actress was photographed with a ridiculous amount of face powder all over her nose and cheeks at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.

But while the makeup issue may have raised a few eyebrows, Nicole's outfit turned heads. Nicole Kidman wore a designer dress made from black sequins which showed off her slim figure.

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