Nick Gordon Desperate to See Bobbi Kristina Brown Before She Passes

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Nick Gordon is reportedly desperate to pay Bobbi Kristina Brown one last visit before she passes away. The only child of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston is in a hospice facility just outside of Atlanta. Family members have gathered to say their goodbyes, and that's what Nick Gordon wants to do, too.

Bobbi Kristina has been comatose since she was discovered unconscious in a bathtub in her Roswell, Georgia home back in January 31st. Bobby Brown wouldn't allow Nick Gordon to visit her when she was in the hospital or the rehab facility, and he won't allow him to come to the hospice either.

Brown is convinced that Nick Gordon is responsible for Bobbi Kristina's medical state. A conservator for Bobbi Kristina Brown filed a civil lawsuit against Gordon on the same day she was moved to the hospice. The lawsuit alleges he physically abused Bobbi Kristina Brown and withdrew funds from her bank accounts without her permission.

Nick Gordon maintains that none of that is true, and that Bobbi Kristina's condition is a result of too much illicit drug use. He is reportedly having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that she will soon die and he may not get to see her before that happens.

“Nick is very concerned with how he is being portrayed in the media and reads everything about himself on every website and magazine,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He’s been going through intense mood swings, going from being on top of the world to crying hysterically for long periods.”

"Nick’s main concern seems to be seeing Bobbi before she dies,” the source adds. “He’s constantly trying to find a way to make that happen.”

Do you think Bobby Brown or one of Bobbi Kristina Brown's other family members will wind up relenting and allowing Nick Gordon to visit Bobbi Kristina before she passes away?

Once Bobbi Kristina dies , there's a good chance Nick Gordon may be charged with murder.

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