NFL Power Rankings: New Standings Are Out, Playoffs Are Not Far Off


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The new edition of the NFL power rankings have been released, and once again the Seattle Seahawks are at the top. With only a few weeks to go in the season, several teams are fighting for a chance to make the playoffs, or to have a more desirable seed.

After another exciting weekend of NFL games, it is time to look at where each team stands, and how they will need to play in the coming weeks, as everyone around the league gets set for the playoffs.

Following their big win last night against the New Orleans Saints, the Seattle Seahawks have secured the No.1 spot in the NFL power rankings for another week, and have a commanding lead in the conference.

The Seahawks are planning to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and with their crowds that have broken the record for noise level twice already, including during last night's game, it could be very dangerous for other teams competing with the Seahawks.

While the NFC seems even more competitive this year, fans were also able to experience another incredible dose of Peyton Manning as the Denver Broncos beat the Chiefs again, and remain to be the second best team in the league, and the Patriots continue to show that they are one of the best as well, as both teams are led by veteran quarterbacks.

With the release of the updated NFL power rankings, the Denver Broncos are in the No.2 spot, followed by the Panthers, Patriots, and the Saints. With the loss the Saints suffered last night, they are tied with the Panthers in the NFC South, and the Panthers are looking to take advantage with two meetings between the teams still to go before the season comes to a close..

The Panthers currently sit at the No.3 spot. They previously rose to No.5, after an incredible finish and defeat against the New England Patriots in week 12. They are currently on a 8-game winning streak, and as they are led by their outstanding young quarterback, Cam Newton, they have defeated other top teams such as the Patriots and 49ers.

With only one loss, and the top spot in the NFL power rankings, the Seattle Seahawks have put themselves on a level above their competition, and continue to prove that they are the best. Russell Wilson has shown his power as a quarterback throughout the season in the air, and on the ground, and he threw for 315 yards in the first half of Monday's game.

As the Seahawks continue to make their presence known as the best in the league, the question remains, what team is able to beat them? Will they win the Super Bowl?

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