NFL Lockout Fun: Players Selling Cars on eBay


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While Derek Anderson has never been confused with a great NFL quarterback, he does make a few million being a mediocre one. However, has the impending changes in the soon-to-be ratified (?!?!) collective bargaining agreement have Anderson thinking of plans after football? Is he trying to ensure his style of life remains the same, just in case he gets shown the door? Or is he simply updating to a new model of luxury car by selling his current Aston Martin on eBay?

The auction in question, as pointed out by BustedCoverage, is of a 2007 Aston Martin Vantage, with a tagline that reads "VANTAGE! NAVIGATION! NFL QB'S CAR! BLUETOOTH! CLEAN!" It's also worth noting that Derek Anderson is not named as the "NFL QB" in question, and it's not until an image of the nameplate is visible before the truth comes out:

Derek Anderson Nameplate

While it's not sure whether or not the company selling Anderson's Aston Martin -- Alexander Auto Group -- wanted it to remain slightly anonymous or if the reveal intended. Whatever the case, the cat is out of the bag, and considering the quarterback involved, there's no real way of knowing whether or not this is a fire sale or simply a change of pace. Considering the listed price of $73,500, the idea of it being a safety net can be entertained.

There are no bids and/or offers on Anderson's car, currently. For what it's worth, it's a great looking vehicle:

Derek Anderson's Aston Martin

As far has his money-making potential goes, it's probably a safe bet that, despite not being the best at what he does, when the NFL once again opens for business, Anderson will find a job on a team's roster. The projected league minimum salary in the future CBA is rumored to be around $500,000, so even if he gets cut from his current team, chances are Anderson will continue to make money off of football.

Of course, he could be planning ahead, knowing his days could be short and his ability to make Pro Bowl-level salaries are behind him. A quick glance at his statistics in the lead image provides a clue as to why that is.