Nexus Prime Release Date As Early As November 10th?

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UPDATE: Launch confirmed for Oct 19th Samsung/Google event by Japanese carrier, release date said to be sometime in November.

We know that the big Google / Samsung mobile event is going down on October 19th, and we know that one of the big reveals set to take place at said event is the new Google OS, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Invitations went out last week for the event, which was rescheduled after the two companies cancelled the previous October 11th date out of respect for the late Steve Jobs.

It is widely speculated that the next Google phone, the Samsung Nexus Prime (Galaxy Nexus) will also be unveiled at the October 19th event. It would be the first device to run the brand new Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

Now, a leaked MAP (minimum advertised price) list reveals not only the suggested price of the device, but a possible release timeframe as well.

Droid Life obtained the list, which shows the "Samsung Galaxy Nexus" as a minimum $299 phone, with a MAP period beginning on November 10th, 2011. In addition, the list shows another buzzed-about phone, the HTC Rezound, with the exact same details.

Of course, the front end of this window is not a definite launch date, but it is possible. As Droid Life points out, it would be surprising to see the device launched before it can be advertised at the minimum price - so the speculation by some that we could see it hit stores even earlier looks to be on shaky ground.

And if you want to be super cynical, it's always possible that the leaked memo could be incorrect or intentionally misleading in the worst-case scenario. But the timeframe definitely feels reasonable given this week's probable unveiling.

Leaked specs have said the phone will sport a 4.65 super AMOLED screen with curved glass, as well as 1GB RAM and NFC capabilities.

Earlier this month, a video surfaced reportedly showing the Nexus Prime in the wild: It has yet to be totally confirmed or denied:

What do you think? Will this be a huge device for the Android platform? Can it challenge the just-released iPhone 4S? Apple just announced that they have sold over 4 million 4S devices in the first 3 days. Let us know how you feel about the upcoming phone in the comments.

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