Next Xbox One System Update Previewed


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Microsoft's launch of the Xbox One console can be criticized for many things, but in recent months communication isn't one of them. The company has rolled out significant software updates for the console over the past weeks and has been previewing those updates through a pool of beta testers.

Today Microsoft previewed yet another software update for the Xbox One. The next update won't include crucial features like those implemented in the days proceeding the launch of Titanfall, but they will bring some much-needed improvements to a few of the console's touted features.

The biggest improvement coming with the next update is support for 50Hz video playback through the Xbox One's Blu-ray player. The change is important for European Xbox owners as much of the content broadcast in Europe comes in at 50Hz.

Another big change is that the Xbox One will now be able to update while in "Instant On" mode and subsequently restart on its own. This should solve the problem of Xbox One owners needing to perform a full system reboot when they bring up their consoles from standby and see that an update has occurred. The option for this feature will be located in the console's system settings.

In addition to these larger software updates, the firmware for the Xbox One's controller and headset will be getting an update as well. Microsoft promises that the updated firmware will "reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity."

Microsoft has already begun rolling out these updates to Xbox One owners participating in the console's beta preview tests. Microsoft has not announced a launch window for the official release of the new updates to all Xbox One consoles.

In addition to the preview, Microsoft's announcement contained a short explanation for why some of its previewed features may come later than others. The company stated that it wants "to help ensure the best experience for our fans before pushing a new feature."